A downloadable game

On Point


  • Solo play
  • The Player takes a running start from the start line towards the 4 boxes ahead.
  • Once at the boxes the player must decide which box to jump from.
  • Each block represents a different number multiplier for the players score.
  • Once the player decides on which block, they then jump from this block to the center square ahead.
  • The player takes the Jumping Point and multiplies it by the Landing Point to get the Player Score.
  • 4x Multiplier: Requires the player to run up and jump from the 3x square to the 4x square before jumping to the center square.

How To Win:

  • Have the highest score based on your jumping point and landing point. (Jumping Point x Landing Point = Player Score)


  • Chalk to draw the boards.

Group Members:

- Devin Conlon

- Warren Savage

- Hernani Teixeria


On Point.zip 11 MB